The New Box From Formuler Z10 SE

The New Box From Formuler Z10 SE

Today we present to you briefly the new Formuler Z10 SE, a 4k media player, from Formuler, recently released on the market.

For those who don’t know, Formuler is a Korean manufacturer of media players, which has become very popular abroad. If you are curious, do a Google search and you will surely find more information about what you can do with Formuler media players.

Formuler Z10 SE comes with Android 10, Realtek processor, 2 GB RAM and 4 GB storage space. Decodes the most popular video and audio formats.

Using the MyTvOnline 2 application, you will have an incredible online TV viewing experience, the best I’ve ever seen. It’s good to know that the MyTvOnline 2 application is created by Formuler and is only available on Formuler media players. , it cannot be downloaded on other devices. It is the most stable application and by connecting an external memory you can even record or schedule your favorite programs.

Of course it has a Google play store where you can download more applications; it also has its own Market where you can also find a lot of extremely useful applications. For those who use Android phones, the Formuler Remote application is also available in the Google play store, which you can use as a remote control to control the box.

The box is very interesting, very small and compact, it looks extremely well made and as for the price, at 499 RON , it is, I say, a reasonably cheaper price than Formuler Z10 Pro Max , the newest and most powerful media player theirs which costs 795 lei. Both offers the same extremely good viewing experience, it remains for each to decide what budget to allocate for a Media Player.

Here you can find out more about Formuler Media Players or if you want to buy one, the transport is free by courier with next day delivery.
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