How to open a heic file

How to open a heic file

 We have photos in HEIC format and we don’t know how to open them? Let’s see how to do it on PC and Android smartphones and iPhone.

When trying to take photos with a new iPhone, we will surely have come across images in HEIC format, especially if we try to transfer them to another device (which may not natively support this format).

We have not noticed any difference to the naked eye compared to JPEG, but the new format integrates new features that, in a few years, will make JPEG completely obsolete and take its place.

In this guide we will explain what HEIC is and how to open this format on PCs, smartphones and tablets , so you can open new image files on any modern device without necessarily having an iPhone (which we remind you is already compatible with this format ).

Switch programs to open photos in Windows

How to Manage HEIC Files

Before discussing methods for opening HEIC files, we’ll explain what HEIC is and why it will soon replace JPEG as the standard for compressed digital photos, considering the many advantages it offers.

What is HEIC?

HEIC ( High Efficiency Image File Encoding ) refers to Apple’s adopted version of the format called HEIF , which stands for High Efficiency Image File Format . In fact, the two formats are identical, so talking about one is equivalent to talking about the other.

With HEIC we get superior image quality with half the space taken up by an equivalent JPEG file: a 30MB high resolution (4K) photo in JPEG is only 15MB in HEIC format, providing considerable space savings without compromise the original quality of the shot.

In addition to more efficient compression, HEIC also allows you to generate multimedia images in GIF style, stitching together multiple frames: even one day GIF will be replaced by convert heic to jpg which in fact combines all the advantages of the most popular image formats on the market. moment, occupying very little space in the device’s memory.

How to open HEIC files on Windows PC

We have moved photos from iPhone to Windows 10 computer, but HEIC photos are not showing? In this case, we can quickly fix it by opening the Start menu at the bottom left, opening the Microsoft Store app, clicking Research at the top right , and typing HEIF, so you can open the official Microsoft extension for the HEIF page.We press the Get button and wait for the installation; in the end we will be able to open HEIC files without any problem.

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