Can’t decide whether you should cut the cord or not? Don’t worry; We have got you covered. The traditional cable TV service providers have improved their services a lot. By subscribing to reliable TV plans like Spectrum TV packages, you can enjoy a FREE app and countless channels. But streaming service providers offer a much more affordable option to their customers.

So, it can become really difficult to decide between the two. This guide will discuss all the benefits and disadvantages of cutting the cord. After that, you’ll be able to make a decision easily. Read on to know more about these:

Benefits of Cutting the Cord

Some of the most obvious advantages of cutting the cord are:

You Get More Options

You might have many members in your household. And every member might have different preferences. So, you can subscribe to a range of streaming services. In this way, every person will be able to watch stuff according to his/her taste.

The best part about these streaming services is that they are not costly. So, even if you are on a budget, you can subscribe to one or two services at a time. You will notice that you will save more money through it rather than subscribing to a TV package.

You Can Watch Shows at Your Convenience

The best part about subscribing to a streaming service is that you can watch shows anytime you want. You won’t have to regret missing a show ever again. You can just log in to your account. And you can stream shows anywhere and on any device as well. Also, you can keep watching the shows and movies for as long as you want. There won’t be any ads to interrupt you. So, you won’t have to fight over the TV remote with your family members anymore!

You Get to Save More

By subscribing to a streaming service, you will be able to save a lot. You won’t have to bear any great price hikes after the promotional period is over. Also, streaming services are usually much cheaper than cable services.

You won’t have to invest in cable boxes or DVRs. You just have to pay the monthly bill. Another great thing about choosing streaming services is that you won’t have to bear any additional charges. This means that the monthly bill won’t ever surprise you.

Lesser Clutter

By subscribing to a streaming service, you also won’t have to manage cables and connections. This means that your living room will look less messy than with a cable connection. You also won’t have to pay for service installation charges. You can just go to the official website, sign up, and subscribe to the service.

Downsides of Cutting the Cord

But cutting the cord can have many disadvantages as well. Some of them are:

You’ll Have to Get a Stronger Connection

To make sure that you can enjoy your favorite shows smoothly, you will have to get a better connection. Slow Internet speeds can really ruin your steaming experience. You might have a mediocre package before subscribing to the streaming service.

But you will have to upgrade your package to make the most of it. This can be an extra cost for you. This might be the case especially if you subscribed to a bundle from a cable service provider. So, make sure to take this extra cost into account before subscribing to a streaming service.

No Internet Means No Streaming

One of the biggest disadvantages of streaming services is that you need an Internet connection for them. And if you encounter any service outage issues in your area, you won’t be able to stream anything. However, with a cable TV connection, you can watch TV even without an Internet connection.

Limited Number of Streams

Some streaming services allow only a limited number of streams. So if you have many members in your household, a streaming service might not be a suitable option for you. A cable TV package might allow you to enjoy shows on multiple TVs.

You Might Have to Choose Several Services

Nowadays different streaming services offer different types of content. So, if your household needs are diverse, you might have to subscribe to several streaming services. This might mean that you will have to bear huge monthly bills.

You Won’t Be Able to Enjoy Sports or Local Channels

Reliable cable TV packages like Cox TV plans offer the best range of sports and local channels. So, if you are a hardcore sports lover, you are better off with a cable package. This is because to get the same range of sports channels, you will have to subscribe to a number of different streaming services.

Final Verdict

Both cable service and streaming service have their advantages and disadvantages. But what might be suitable for you depends upon your preferences. If you want to enjoy local and sports channels, then you might be better off with cable service. But if you love watching TV shows and movies, streaming services might be the answer for you.