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What Is the Difference Between an AGM and a Regular Car Battery?

AGM automobile batteries outperform ordinary flooded batteries in every way: More durable construction More starts per battery Special valves protecting the battery’s lifespan Safer to handle Faster recharging AGM batteries can power an engine more than 60,000 times during their lifetime. That’s more than three times the number of starts you’ll get with a standard […]


When Using Lifepo4 Battery, Is It Safe to Do So?

In addition to being the most reliable lithium-ion battery available, LiFePO4’s chemistry makes it one of the safest. According to the UL 1642 standard, Lithium is safe after passing a series of safety tests, including short circuits and aberrant charging. Within each LiFePo4 Battery is an inbuilt Battery Management System (BMS). The BMS protects from […]

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