Tata’s Communication Media platform, with its Video Connect and Satellite Uplink services, allows SPOTV and SPOTV2 viewers to send messages in their native language, which is added to video viewers in their area. Asian fans can watch their favorite sports around the world, with reviews in the language of their choice, and expand the content to millions of new viewers.

“We are delighted to have Tata Communications, a global digital environment company, as an online pricing partner. As we expand content distribution in the region, we will focus on content development across the board. exciting partnership, SPOTV and SPOTV2 can achieve the perfect location and delivery of the highest quality sports content for Asian fans, “said Lee Chong Kay (CK), CEO of SPOTV.

Cheval Pond, head of international media and entertainment at Tata Communications, said:

“The sports scene has changed dramatically over the years and technology has played an important role in improving the home viewing experience. Through a partnership with Eclat Media Group, we aim to provide an enhanced experience to Asian sports fans in a way may you enjoy your international and local favorites. “Whether it’s car racing, tennis, baseball or volleyball. A global multimedia infrastructure, with ‘Éclat’s desire to be a pioneer in delivering personalized content to fans of all countries, is driving a change in the diet of sports in Asia. “

Eclat Media Group recently launched two new channels, SPOTV and SPOTV2, in several regions of Southeast Asia and East Asia, including Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Macau, Mongolia and the Philippines. The channel broadcasts content such as Wimbledon and US Open Grand Slam Tennis Championships, World Moto and Motor 해외축구중계사이트 Championships, Bable Tennis Federation and Badminton World Federation, as well as popular Asian sports such as the Korean Baseball League. Federation (KBO), Korean Basketball League (KBL), V League (volleyball) e

Tata Communications Media and Entertainment

 The service provides a complete solution for global media value chain workflows, including participation, processing and distribution. With the latest worldwide content delivery infrastructure, the company offers 9,000 live events, 700 TV channels and 60,000 hours of live content and reaches over 2,000 million sports fans worldwide.