American sport is becoming increasingly popular internationally

American sport is becoming increasingly popular internationally

When he mentions “sports” in most parts of the world, people assume that he is referring to sports, the most popular and visible sport in the world. However, American sport is attracting more and more interest abroad. The National Sports League actively promotes American sports abroad, sends player ambassadors and organizes training matches in Europe, Mexico and Japan. The game is broadcast in many countries, and the Super Bowl is broadcast in almost every country in the world.

American sport is practiced on almost every continent in the world,

It includes the Americas, Asia, Europe and the Pacific. The International Sports Association is the main official body of American sports and oversees 45 member organizations. Since 1999, the International Sports Association has also sponsored the American nba중계 World Cup, with Japan receiving the award in 1999 and 2003. American sport has also grown rapidly in Mexico, where many families can watch games on American television. There was so much interest in n in Mexico that the NFL opened an office in Mexico City in 1997 to oversee fan development, marketing, public relations, and special events. The NFL also publishes a Spanish-language website for Mexican fans.

American sport is becoming increasingly popular in Europe.

 In 1991, the National Sports League sponsored a European tournament called the World Sports League. From here, the European NFL grew, a six-team league that served as the spring development competition for the U.S. National Sports League. Five European NFL teams are based in Germany and one in the Netherlands. The National Sports League uses the European NFL not only to create new players, but also to develop and test new rules and regulations.

American sport has always been popular in Canada,

 While Canada has its own Canadian sport, it plays according to slightly different rules from American sport. However, the National Sports League continues to unite with Canadian fans. For Super Bowl XL, held in Detroit, near the Canadian city of Windsor, the National Sports League is hosting special events for Canadian fans, including a special train transporting Canadian fans to Windsor to watch the matches in the arena there. . . The National Sports League also publishes a Canadian fan website, which focuses on the progress and statistics of Canadian-born players.

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