Cleaning windows is one of the most difficult and boring household chores. It is difficult to get them to fit perfectly and, when you have achieved it, they quickly get dirty again and show marks and fingerprints. However, there are some practical and effective tricks that we can apply to achieve the best results with the minimum effort. In short, it is about working with a good technique and using the right tools.

The first step, the window profiles

Do the windows in your house need a good cleaning? It usually happens when we have not been worrying about the crystals for a while. The thing is getting worse until it is imperative to get down to work. To do it as well as possible, it is advisable to muster patience and good disposition and face the task with optimism.

It is best to start by thoroughly cleaning the profiles of each window. PVC or aluminum frames are perfect if you rub them with a cloth dipped in soapy water and, if they are very dirty, add ammonia to the mixture.

For wooden windows, it is advisable to use a specific soap without wetting them too much, with the cloth well wrung out. Remember that you should not use abrasive scouring pads or utensils that can scratch the window frames, especially those made of aluminum or PVC.

The most effective technique

Once the window frame is well cleaned, it is the turn of the glass. Regarding the product to use, you can use a glass cleaner that you find in the supermarket. There are many to choose from, with different compositions. The most common is to find them in the form of liquids to spray, rub and rinse, although there are also cream formulas that are applied to the crystals and rubbed until the product disappears. The general recommendation is that you choose a simple and effective one.

Make your own DIY glass cleaner

You already know that the ingredients we have at home can be used to manufacture the most effective products, and that in many cases, they promote a more ecological and sustainable cleaning, since they are made with natural ingredients. In this sense, making your own Vinduespudser is a great idea that also helps you save.

The composition couldn’t be simpler: mix water and ethylated spirit in equal parts, add a good squirt of ammonia and a few drops of dishwashing detergent. To leave the crystals perfect, you just have to apply this homemade cleaner and rub with a dry cloth until it is completely removed.

The utensils that you cannot miss

When it comes to household chores, there are many times when we can safely say that less is more. There are too many cleaning products and too many tools and utensils that are not necessary. In fact, and as a general rule, we can leave our house spotless with just a few cleaners and just a few practical and functional utensils.

In the case of crystals, however, it is convenient to have some tools that make the task quite easy and help us achieve the best results.

  • To begin with, get yourself some good lint-free cloths. Microfiber ones are perfect, especially those with a rough side to drag dirt and a smooth side to polish later. You can also use special cloths for crystals.
  • A rubber scraper will become your best ally, since it helps to remove the product when you have already applied it and rubbed it with a sponge.
  • If you need a quick solution, use the window cleaning wipes. They are used to eliminate fingerprints or when you have an unexpected visitor and you have not had time to review the windows.

Tricks that do work

The way you work, the utensils you use, the day you choose to get down to work… Everything influences the work and even the results you are going to obtain. That is why it is convenient to review some effective tricks that help you.

  • For starters, don’t get busy on a hot sunny day; it is better to do it when it is cloudy. The sun makes the glass cleaner dry very quickly and it will be more difficult to get rid of marks.
  • When working, always rub from top to bottom. Do it with horizontal movements on the outside, and with vertical strokes on the inside. This way you will know on which side you have marks and you can remove them more easily.
  • If you want the crystals to last longer clean, choose when buying a product that repels dirt, dust and water.

The most difficult windows

Some windows, such as sliding windows, can be a real headache because of how complicated it is to clean both the profiles and the glass. The important thing in this case is to do it safely. Therefore, if they are large, do not try to remove the leaves as they will weigh too much. Better to clean the crystals from the inside, moving them along the rail as much as possible. You can use a telescopic handle to reach inaccessible places, without leaning out the window too much.

To clean the sliding window tracks, use the narrow nozzle of the vacuum cleaner to remove dust and debris, then wipe with a damp cloth.