Lyrics freaks

Lyrics freaks

Lyrisc freak is one of the most complete, most extensive, most recommended. Simple and fast and with some curious categories such as children’s songs or Christmas songs of those that we always doubt what the lyrics say. You can use the search engine to search for a specific artist or song or you can explore collections (typical Indian songs, Spanish songs in Spanish…) You can also filter by alphabetical order or find the latest, the top 100 lyrics or even upload your own. It’s curious because it goes far beyond the greatest hits and you can even find the best lyrics website of the Five Little Wolves or the Casper song, for

Letrasmania is a recommended option if you can’t find songs in Spanish that you like on other websites on this list. The interface is not the most comfortable or the most attractive, but the web fulfills its function and has a search engine at the top with which it will be easy to find anything. Another advantage is that it allows us to copy the text without any problem in case you want to use it on Facebook or on social networks as the title of your photos without making a mistake when writing it, a very common trend.

Song translated

Surely it has happened to you that you love a song in another language but you don’t even know what it means. Not so much with English if you understand it correctly, but it can happen with songs in French, Japanese, Basque. What offers us is, as its name suggests, the song in its original language and the lyrics translated into Spanish in parallel. The format is comfortable since you can see both at the same time to know the meaning of each phrase in your

It is one of the best options because it allows us to easily remember the web when searching for what you need in English or Spanish. It is a very basic and very clean web page in which we find a search engine at the top so that you can search for artists or music.

One of the main advantages that we find on this website

 is that it “understands you” when you don’t know what song you are looking for but you do know the lyrics . In other words, you may be looking for the song of the “seat panda de Estopa” but you don’t remember the name. All you have to do is write the phrase you remember in the search engine and the result of all the songs in which that phrase appears will appear. You can also use the different categories if you simply want to take a look: what’s new in pop, rock, Latin, reggaeton… Or the top most searched songs at any given time if you want to see what’s being heard.

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