Top 10 Data Science Jobs That Opened in 2022

Data Science Jobs

Top 10 Data Science Jobs That Opened in 2022

Data science is one of the world’s most promising new technologies. Data scientists are well-versed in business difficulties and can provide the most effective solutions through data analysis and processing. These days, recruiters are looking for candidates with data science skills and knowledge. Entering the field of data science can be extremely lucrative and beneficial to your career.

Data science encompasses both theoretical and practical applications of concepts such as big data, predictive analytics, and artificial intelligence. Data science’s impact on the business and commerce sphere cannot be overstated. It’s a noteworthy task to be able to comprehend the industry and develop effective strategies.

10 Best Data Science Jobs in 2022

  1. Data Scientist

A data scientist uses machine learning and predictive analysis to manage massive and complicated datasets. To work as a data scientist, candidates must be able to create algorithms that make data collection and cleaning easier. It will be beneficial if you have a degree in statistics, computer science, or mathematics.

  1. Machine Learning Scientist

The research of new data methodologies and algorithms for adaptive systems necessitates the hiring of a machine learning scientist. supervised and unsupervised learning, as well as deep learning, are all examples of this.

They’re frequently referred to as research scientists or engineers. Designing, developing, and experimenting with ML, NLP, computer vision, and addressing complex problems are among the key duties of a machine learning scientist.

  1. Business Intelligence Developer

These experts examine large databases to understand current market trends and how they affect company decisions.

BI developers must use cloud-based tools to create, prototype, and manage complicated data. To work in BI development, candidates must have a strong understanding of data mining, data warehouse design, and SQL.

  1. Applications Architect

A software architect is in charge of designing and developing a wide range of software applications. They collaborate with internal stakeholders and application development teams to track and implement application development processes while also documenting the process.

Application architecture is a talent that a qualified architect must possess. This information can then be used to improve business operations.

To be eligible for the top post, candidates must have a bachelor’s degree in either software engineering or application development.

  1. Data Analyst

These people are in charge of developing and managing data systems and databases, as well as correcting any coding faults. Statistical tools are used to interpret data by the data analyst.

Patterns and trends that can be beneficial for predictive and diagnostic analytics are given special consideration. A good data analyst should be able to lead as well as analyze data.

  1. Statistician

Statisticians collect, analyze, and evaluate data to find trends and relationships that can be utilized to make business decisions.

Regular responsibilities of a statistician include data collecting process design, stakeholder communication, and organizational strategy advising.

  1. Big Data Architect

Big Engineers use Spark and Hadoop to plan and manage big data settings. Candidates for a job in big data architecture must be proficient in data mining, data migration, and data visualization. They’ll also have to show that they know how to code in Java, Python, and C++.

  1. Machine Learning Engineer

They must be competent to program in a range of programming languages and have experience with AI. To manage massive datasets, machine learning experts will need to be able to employ predictive models and natural language processing (NLP).

An ML engineer will need experience developing ML applications as well as knowledge of programming languages such as Scala, Python, and Java.

  1. Enterprise Architect

The maintenance and upkeep of the company’s IT services and networks will be overseen by an enterprise administrator.

Enterprise services will have to be managed, improved, and updated. They’ll also be in charge of ensuring that an organization’s goal and the technology required to achieve it are in sync.

  1. Data Science Manager

This data scientist manager works with data scientists and engineers to deliver important insight and direction to their management team, assisting firms in using the data they have acquired. Data science managers are being hired by consulting businesses, financial institutions, and healthcare organizations.


Companies are hiring data scientists to help them take advantage of the benefits of data science. Pursuing a career in data science is a wise decision, not because it is fashionable or lucrative, but because it is the cornerstone that allows the entire sector to shift.
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