Questions You Should Ask Your PPC Company

Questions You Should Ask Your PPC Company

Questions You Should Ask Your PPC Company

If you’re thinking about hiring an PPC Company to manage your paid advertising campaigns, it’s important to get everything in writing and to make sure you ask plenty of questions up front so that you don’t have any problems later on down the road. These eight questions will give you some idea of what you should be looking for and asking when you finally find the right PPC agency to handle your business.

What KPIs will you Measure?

Before diving into a relationship with a PPC company, make sure you clearly understand their process and how they’ll measure success. If it’s too general or non-specific, that could be a red flag. Be sure to ask about KPIs (key performance indicators) and how you can keep track of them during your campaign. Measuring results is vital for successful marketing campaigns—it’s just not effective if you can’t easily access those metrics. At least initially, you should ensure that there are clear expectations for both of you on how those goals will be set and monitored throughout your campaign together.

Will we use Google Analytics?

Even if you know a lot about Google Analytics, your PPC company should be using it. In fact, Google Analytics is so helpful that using it to analyze your data will probably take up most of your agency’s time. Make sure they’re on board with GA and will make use of its many benefits. The more an agency uses Google Analytics, the more likely they are to find opportunities for increasing campaign performance—and decreasing costs.

How often do you run reports?

If your agency isn’t willing to run reports regularly and present them to you, it might be time to look for a new one. It’s imperative that you track data from multiple sources in order to maximize ROI on campaigns, particularly since changes in keyword rankings can be difficult to detect on your own. Most agencies will happily submit regular reports if they’re actively managing a campaign, but it’s up to you to keep tabs on their performance and hold them accountable for results. If your agency isn’t doing what you expect, don’t be afraid to fire them and move onto another company that can perform better. After all, every dollar you spend on pay-per-click is ultimately funding your overall marketing budget!

Can I see your analytics account?

When you’re reviewing a potential PPC company, one of your first questions should be if they can provide you with their own analytics account. If a company is using your account to track their performance, then it’s difficult to know what’s working and what isn’t. All too often, companies either share no data or are unable to pull meaningful insights from your account. Make sure that both you and your agency have access to an analytics program so that you can both see where things are going right and wrong—and make adjustments accordingly.

What’s the difference between search, display, and video campaigns?

There are many different types of paid advertising you can use to promote your business online. Whether it’s an ad that appears at the top of a search engine results page, one that displays in between posts on Facebook, or a video advertisement across YouTube, each has its own purpose and guidelines to follow. No matter what type of campaign you choose to run, it’s important to ask your PPC agency how they intend to deliver their services and how exactly they plan on achieving your goals for a campaign. This can help make sure that your expectations match those of your agency when it comes time for them to actually create content. If not, there’s no need moving forward since there will likely be miscommunication down the line.

What’s your process for generating new keywords?

Regardless of what you’re paying your marketing company, you should expect to have a say in how your campaigns are run. At the very least, you should be allowed to ask questions about your company’s operations and plans for improving performance—so ask questions. Find out whether new clients are assigned an account manager and what that person’s day-to-day responsibilities entail. Make sure they come up with a plan to get results or give them a deadline by which they need to deliver one. It’s in their best interest as well as yours—if your ad campaign isn’t working, it needs to be changed or stopped as soon as possible so you can stop spending money on it.

Can I have access to my data any time?

When you work with a good pay-per-click (PPC) firm, your data is like gold. That’s why it’s important to ask if you can access your reports at any time. Any experienced agency should be able to provide you with detailed reports for all of your campaigns, not just monthly updates that are limited in scope. To avoid any gaps in reporting and ensure your campaign’s success, make sure you have access to each campaign on an ongoing basis. A reputable agency will provide these reports to clients on a regular basis through an easy-to-navigate dashboard or other similar interface.

How are your client meetings structured?

Any successful organization has a structured method for communicating with its clients. Asking about your potential agency’s client meeting structure will give you insight into their approach to managing relationships. Pay attention to how often they meet with you, who from their team is involved in these meetings, and what feedback processes are put in place afterward. Do they have a formalized process in place for presenting new ideas? If so, do they always obtain your input before proceeding? Most importantly, are you empowered to call them out on any strategies that aren’t working? The answers here could make or break your experience with an agency and could ultimately determine if you achieve success together.

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