It is important to note that this program extracts and downloads

It is important to note that this program extracts and downloads

But what this page is looking for is to provide, so when you register on it you will also have your personalized fan page, being able to follow the artists you like the most and even send them money if you want so that they can continue growing. A portal that not only offers you royalty-free music or music collections, but also has sound and video effects that are free for you to include in your productions. They offer the musical tracks in WAV, and they assure you that you will be able to use them on platforms like YouTube without any type of license problems.

You will be able to use the music tracks in productions for profit,

although you can never resell them, offer them on other websites or remix them in your own music tracks, ensuring that they are yours. For having, this page even offers you free software for music editing on Windows and macOS. This page has been created by a group of British friends who decided to create compositions and upload them so that you can download them for free, although there is a small asterisk on the free one. You can only download free MP3 tracks at 192kbps, and only for YouTube videos. Other types of productions such as video games or commercial products require a paid license.

On their website they detail how you have to credit

 them in your videos in order to use their free music. In addition, in exchange for a payment you will also be able to buy the tracks in high quality WAV format. A very particular project, since it is not a website, but an initiative that you can find on their YouTube channel . It is a channel that uploads free music under a Creative Commons license , which you can use for free simply by crediting the creator. In each track they upload, they include the official links to obtain the song in the description.

This is a page that will ask you for various attribution methods

if you want to include their pagalworld  in your online videos, although in exchange for offering a wide collection with hundreds of tracks of various genres completely free of charge. All tracks are in mp3 format

A citation that complies with the CC 3.0 license is required,

including a link to the TeknoAxe YouTube channel , a link to the TeknoAxe website, and a link to the YouTube video where the music was used or a link to the specific web page with track location.

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