Who Buys Personalized Number Plates?

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Who Buys Personalized Number Plates?

People many years ago would buy personalized number plates merely for fun or to show their status, but now investors, businessmen, and regular members of the public are buying them. Many of the new generation of teenagers want a personalized plate to show their individuality, whilst business people want to buy them as a way to market their company, and there are some people that make a living out of buying and selling personalized number plates.

Here are some helpful tips for those interested in purchasing personalized licence plates:

  • It’s preferable to pick a number that isn’t too specialized but that appeals to a larger market.
  • Before purchasing a personalized plate from a broker, compare the pricing of similar plates.
  • Before purchasing a personalized plate from a broker, make sure they are long established and reputable.

Some of the most reputable service providers for DVLA number plates and personalized plates are those that strive to deliver a customer personalized service across the price range and at every stage of the process. They want to make sure that every one of their customers gets the best licence plate for their budget. If a customer knows exactly the style of registration plate they would like, the service provider’s website search engine will allow them to locate a customized plate most efficiently.

These professional service providers usually have a team of professionals who can assist individuals in locating their desired number plate. They assist their customers in locating the most recent registrations available on the market at the most reasonable price.

Some service providers will claim to be the only vendor supplying DVLA license plates and customized plates.

Who is eligible for a personalized number plate?

1. Companies

Business owners are looking for new ways to promote their companies as marketing prices increase. Advertisements are measured by a variety of methods, one of which is by logging the number of views. The number of views seen by a billboard ad is usually assessed in terms of how many people will view it within a specific time frame.

Whether you’re moving or stalled in traffic, if you are marketing your business through your licence plate, you will be seen. People will remember your licence plate, because it’s so unique. It’s a guaranteed way to stand out on the road. Examples of businesses and the availability of personalised license plates are: A sports gym can use a prefix registration incorporating GYM, a Bed & Breakfast business can use A1 BNB or 1 BNB. A printing business can use 1 NK and so on. The Oil Company, British Petroleum own BPO 1L. This is a further example of how personalised license plates can be used to market a business.

When the 22 series were released, a marketing firm could look to use MA22 KET. The key is to choose the correct combination for your market.

Pimlico Plumbers, a London-based plumbing company, has its own registration plates on all of its cars. Take a look at a few examples: W4 TER, LO02 OLD, RAD 5, B19 TAP, GAS 6, 8 WC, LO02 LOO, WC 55, LAV 1 and FLU 55H are examples of these. In a similar vein, if you were a cleaning company, you could use GRII MES or DUS 7Y.

2. Transportation firms

Transport firms, such as haulage companies or buses, might have a fleet of vehicles with consecutive registrations as their business grows. DFZ 4670, DFZ 4671, DFZ 4672, and DFZ 4673, for example, all refer to the same company’s cars. There are a number of companies with large vehicles that have Irish BIG dateless plates displayed on their vehicles.

3. Families

‘What do you get the person who has everything?’ is an age-old adage that people employ around anniversaries and birthdays. Private Plates are becoming a preferred gift for these special occasions. They make excellent gifts, ranging from the modest to the extravagant.


You can use any number and letter combination. A popular way to use a private plate is to combine the initials and the year of birth and first name. An example of this would be AK66 ANT.


People deal with grief in different ways. To remember a person in a unique way and to commemorate their life people can use a personalized number plate.

4. Individuals

People are buying their own registration in increasing numbers to commemorate a unique passion, a nickname, or a moniker. A variety of names and numbers can be used in number and letter combinations, such as Sarah with XX54 RAH for example, Juliet with JUII ETT, and Rory with 12 ORY.

Personalized number plates are a way to make you and your vehicle stand out, to be a little unique, no matter the walk of life you are from. They are no longer simply for the well-heeled.

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